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About Doug. 

I love Africa. I’ve been to “the cradle” many times, and every time I go I get my spirit fed from the primal funk that is still a part of her green hills. I especially enjoy the unnerving vibe the big five—the elephant, rhino, leopard, lion and buffalo—put forth. These animals have a poise and power about them that's intense.

Do yourself a favor: fly to Africa and get within 30 yards of one of these critters. It’ll leave memory burn. You might want to bring a change of underwear.

Believing, as I do, that art directly impacts our approach to life, I paint these grand beasts with great regularity hoping that their repose, strength and utter confidence will rub off on my viewers who are stressed out, insipid and fearful.

Aside from painting African game, I also enjoy painting the human face and figure in a realistic way. As far as I’m concerned, there is nothing like a classic handling of face and form, replicating the beauty and emotion that’s a part of God’s creative handiwork. If executed with excellence and interest such paintings will forever stop a patron in his tracks.

And lastly, as far as a favorite artist goes, my favorite is none other than… Nicolai Fechin. The guy was a genius. His paintings are second to none. Do yourself another favor: Google him and enjoy.

In addition to being a fine artitst, Doug Giles is the man behind In addition to driving, Giles is a popular columnist on and the author of the book Raising Righteous & Rowdy Girls.

Doug’s articles have also appeared on several other print and online news sources, including The Washington Times, The Daily Caller, Fox Nation, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Examiner, The Blaze, American Hunter Magazine and ABC News.

He’s been a frequent guest on the Fox News Channel and Fox Business Channel as well as many nationally syndicated radio shows across the nation.

In addition, Doug is an occasional guest host on New York City’s WABC (The Jason Mattera Show) and he is a weekly guest, every Friday at 7:45am[et], on America’s Morning News (155 markets).

Giles and his wife Margaret have two daughters: Hannah, who devastated ACORN with her 2009 nation shaking undercover videos, and Regis who is an NRA columnist, huntress and Second Amendment activist.

Doug’s interests include guns, big game hunting, big game fishing, fine art, cigars, helping wounded warriors, and being a big pain in the butt to people who dislike God and the USA.


Doug Giles 


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